Michelle Shi, Director of New Business, Provectus Algae
Getting Creative: A Q&A with Michelle Shi
As Director of New Business, Michelle Shi combines creativity and scientific thinking to strategic partnership development and product commercialization, elevating Provectus Algae’s platform and products. In this Q&A, we chatted with Michelle about her background, perspectives, and approach.
A Q&A with Abigail Elizur, Professor of Aquaculture Biotechnology At University of Sunshine Coast
Empowering Education: A Q&A with Abigail Elizur
As a scientific advisor and liaison to UniSC, Professor Abigail Elizur, PhD, brings an academic perspective to the Provectus Algae team. In this Q&A, Abigail talks about her background in aquaculture and biotechnology and her outlook on her work here.
Q&A with Mahyar Osanlouy, Senior Machine Learning Scientist,
Optimizing Innovation: A Q&A with Mahyar Osanlouy
Mahyar Osanlouy, PhD, brings a multidisciplinary perspective to his role as Senior Machine Learning Scientist. In this Q&A, we did some deep learning on his background and views on AI and its role in synthetic biology and biomanufacturing.
Thinking Big With Preston Toole
Thinking Big: A Q&A with Preston Toole
Preston Toole, CTO of Provectus Algae, leads the development of machine learning and automation solutions that drive and optimize our biomanufacturing processes. Get to know Preston and learn about his work in this Q&A!