Investor Opportunities

Investor Opportunities

Invest in the

Invest in the

Provectus Algae is a biotechnology company specializing in the optimization of microalgae species to produce high-value biobased chemicals, specialty ingredients, and biologics for use in a wide array of industries and applications.

We are seeking investment to … 

  • Support commercialization of near market product candidates

  • Bolster pipeline for decarbonized biomanufacturing

  • Expand the world’s largest microalgae natural product database

  • Fund promising research and development programs

  • Identify new partners and execute partnerships

  • Enter additional co-creation programs

  • Scale biomanufacturing operations for joint venture partnerships

We offer investors …

  • High potential ROI from partnerships and manufacturing royalties

  • Access to novel bioproducts from microalgae

  • Rapid speed-to-market

  • Environmentally-sustainable carbon neutral and carbon negative biomanufacturing solution

  • Quality leadership and governance

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We invite you to explore a rewarding investment in the biorevolution by connecting with a senior member of the Provectus Algae team 

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Connection Opportunities

Connection Opportunities

Provectus Algae is active with investors and partners. We look forward to connecting with you at significant conferences and events. Connect with us here to learn how we can work with you.

SynBioBeta 2023

May 23rd-25th | Oakland, CA
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The Biorevolution continues! Nusqe Spanton (Founder & CEO), Gui Barbier (VP, R&D), and Chris Fisher (Scientific Affairs Manager) will be in attendance at the world's largest synthetic biology industry meeting. Don't miss Nusqe as a panelist answering the question, "Are We in Algae's Second Bloom?"
(P.S. The short answer is YES!)
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BIO International 2023

June 5th-8th | Boston, MA
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Chris Fisher (Scientific Affairs Manager) will be "Standing Up for Science" at BIO 2023 on behalf of Provectus Algae. Reach out to set a meeting to talk science with Chris!
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