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Type One Planet Podcast

Unlocking The Power of Algae
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Ever heard of the Kardashev scale? It is a conceptual method that measures the level of a civilization’s technological advancement. What will it take to evolve our industries to reach the next stage, the so-called Type One Planet?

Recently, our Scientific Affairs Manager, Chris Fisher Ph.D., sat down with the Type One Planet podcast to discuss how algae and our Precision Photosynthesis technology can contribute to our society reaching that next milestone.
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AgFunder News

Algae’s Second Bloom?
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At SynBioBeta 2023, there was a lot of buzz around algae, including a panel session devoted to our favorite autotrophs and their diverse applications!

The heart of the discussion centered around the question, "Are We in Algae's Second Bloom?" Panelists from across the algae continuum, including Nusqe Spanton (our founder & CEO), tackled all of the major questions about harnessing algae species for impactful, sustainable bioproducts. If you’re interested in what makes this “Second Bloom” different and want to learn about the diverse activity in the algae world, give this piece a read!
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A Biomanufacturing Platform For Large Scale Designer Bioproducts

A Biomanufacturing Platform For Large Scale Designer Bioproducts

Provectus Algae offers end-to-end biomanufacturing solutions for multiple industries, spanning product discovery and development through to commercial bioproduction.

Novel Natural and Biosynthetic High Value Products from Microalgae

Rapid Speed to Market Through End-to-End Supply Solutions

Environmentally-Sustainable Biomanufacturing

60% of the World's Physical Inputs Can Be Made with Biology

Biomanufacturing is the next industrial revolution and microalgae will be one of the leading bioproduction systems for multiple industries.

Food and

Natural & sustainable food flavorings, fragrances, and colorings


Biobased pigments, fragrances, UV-protectants, moisturizers, and anti-aging ingredients


Next generation of crop protection and feed supplements


Life-saving medicines made possible through the wisdom of biology

A New Approach to Biomanufacturing

At our core, we are a biotechnology and synthetic biology company harnessing the power of photosynthetic algae to create new biomanufacturing solutions. Our Precision Photosynthesis™ technology makes our all-new biomanufacturing approach possible. This powerful technology allows us to control and optimize the bioproduction of biomaterials from any novel microalgae species. 

Built in Collaboration
with Nature

Microalgae are some of the world’s oldest and most diverse microbes. Given their massive head start, microalgae have become adept at producing unique and valuable molecules from the abundant natural resources of light and CO2.

The diversity of novel species has barely been explored, presenting opportunities for new product discovery and displacing existing products using biosynthetic solutions.

Delivered Through Digital Technology

Using the most advanced digital toolkit of today, we are able to discover the perfect environment to support growth and target expression in any novel microalgae species.
Machine Learning

Closing the loop with insights generated by machine learning. Narrowing the search space and informing future experimentation.                      

Machine Learning Biotechnology

Automating fluid transfers, cellular and environmental analytics, and computational microscopy provide clean data for machine learning and bioprocess monitoring.


Multi-omics and metabolite databases provide new insights, exponentially speeding up product discovery and development cycles.                           

Next-Gen Solutions for Tier-1 Suppliers

Convert Synthetic
to Natural

Replace undesirable synthetic chemicals with high-quality, natural and biosynthetic products.

Clean Label

Bring existing products to the market in new ways to service natural, GMO-free, and vegan markets.

Discover or Create

Discover new products through  bioprospecting or use algae as a chassis to produce biosynthetic products using genetic engineering.

Supply Chain

Secure the supply of important molecules, mitigating the risks of seasonal variation, logistics, & adverse political events.

Who We Are

Provectus Algae is one of the world’s leading algae biotech companies, specializing in microalgae optimization for the bioproduction of high-value compounds.