About Us

      Provectus Algae is an Australian biotech startup specialising in the optimisation of Algae to produce high-value compounds for use in a wide array of industries and applications. 
      The groundbreaking capabilities of the Provectus Algae team are enabled by a well-balanced fusion of its proprietary innovative technology and a thorough understanding of the unique biological traits of algae.

      Executive Team


      Nusqe Spanton

      Founder & CEO

      Algae and Aquaculture expert with 15 years experience in international aquaculture production, corporate management and marine biotechnology applications for public and private companies. Passionate and motivated leader with a proven track record in complex project delivery.

      Board & Advisers


      David Williams

      Chairman, Board of Directors

      Corporate, merger and acquisitions specialist and commercial lawyer for 35+ years


      Tom Himstedt

      Non-Executive Director

      Tom is an operational executive with more than 20 years’ experience in vertically integrated food manufacturing, commercial product development and nutraceutical R&D. 


      Ryan Bethencourt

      Non-Executive Director

      Co-founder and CEO of 3 biotech companies, biotech investor and co-founder of IndieBio & Sustainable Food ventures.


      Tim Lu

      Non-Executive Director

      Synbio and computational biology pioneer. MIT Professor, Senti Biosciences, Synlogic, Tango Therapeutics, BiomX


      Roslyn Hendriks

      Adviser Biotechnology & Commercialisation

      Raised $40M in high risk capital. Brought medical innovations to market. Former General Manager UniQuest commercialising research.


      Kevin Grant

      Adviser Regulatory Requirements

      35 years principal biochemist at Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

      Why Algae

      High-value algae strains are heralded as the eco super-crop of the future but they have typically been difficult to grow in commercial quantities- until now.
      We have the technology to capitalise on an existing market, mature it and be a driving force in the future of bioceuticals and aquaculture.