Our Story

Founded in 2018 in a small one person laboratory, Provectus Algae has always strived to improve the world’s environmental impact. By leveraging proprietary technologies like Precision PhotosynthesisTM and advanced photobioreactors Provectus Algae is developing natural solutions that significantly reduce methane emissions from cattle.
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IT’S investment in your future

Located in Noosa, Queensland, Provectus Algae has achieved several key milestones, including securing over AUD $20 million in funding and grants, building a 12,000L pilot facility and 30,000L demonstration plant, and obtaining 4 patents and 2 trademarks to protect their intellectual property. The company has also assembled a collection of over 200 unique algae species and engineered more than 10 proprietary strains of Algae using advanced biotechnology.

Provectus Algae aims to make a global impact by offering the livestock industry an effective, natural way to diminish their environmental footprint. Backed by scientific research and cutting-edge biotechnology, the company’s Asparagopsis supplement stands out for its ability to reduce cattle methane emissions by up to 98%. By delivering value to customers and the environment alike, Provectus Algae seeks to spearhead more sustainable livestock farming practices worldwide.

Provectus Algae has discovered over 5,800 valuable algal metabolites using their proprietary lighting system and computational analytics. Their machine learning platform provides insights into the commercial potential of these molecules, expediting product development and opening up other potential methane and carbon reducing manufacturing practices.